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Popular hydroponics equipment


When your in a local hydroponic shop and your looking at all the different hydroponic tools and grow equipment it can mind boggling - take a browse through and take your time! Any questions just ask!


We have a huge range of new hydroponic equipment, luckily they all have nice descriptions. Whether your looking for a new grow timer or to propagate some new babies. Its in here.


The backbone of your hydroponic crop - the pot... How many plants do you put in a grow tent? Just drop us a message and we can help!


At our plant pots, saucers, and trays page, you will find a range of products in various sizes from fabric pots to air pots, round pots to square pots, 1 litre pots to 76 litre pots... We got you.


Whether your after a big grow tent or a small grow tent we have what you need! We even stock grow tents for propagation!


Looking for a budget grow tent, a cheap grow tent or that top of the range grow tent? We got you! We even stock grow tents perfect for each full spectrum LED Grow light we stock!

Coco Coir & Soil

The best coco coir for hydroponics and the best soil for hydroponics! Whether you prefer 60/40 or a bit of Plagron lightmix we got you!


Our selection of hydroponic substrates include coco coir, soil, perlite, and clay pebbles. Our hydroponic substrates will get you where you need to be!


From Canna to Flowerbomb get the hydroponic nutrients you need right here!


Our premium-quality hydroponic nutrients provide the perfect balance of essential minerals and nutrients for your plants to thrive.

Featured Hydroponic Product

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Athena Nutrients fade
Athena Nutrients Fade is a supplement that is designed to be used during the late stages of the flowering phase.

It is specifically formulated to help improve the ripening and finishing of fruits and flowers, resulting in higher yields and better quality crops. Fade is a crucial part of the growing process that can greatly impact the final product. It occurs when the plant stops producing chlorophyll and other pigments, causing the leaves to turn yellow and eventually fall off.

This process allows the plant to focus on producing essential oils, terpenes, and other compounds that contribute to its unique aroma, flavour, and effects. Athena Nutrients Fade is formulated with a unique blend of nutrients and supplements that support the natural fade process, while also promoting overall plant health and vitality. Now in stock at your local hydro shop - Hydro Urban!


At Hydro Urban, we are your number one local grow shop for all things related to hydroponics and indoor gardening. As a leading hydroponics store near you, we take immense pride in offering top-quality products and expert guidance to passionate growers in Peterborough, Northamptonshire. We have people visiting our hydroponic grow shop for the best advice on hydroponics systems and everything else Hydro, we can make your plants green again!

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Our Specialty: Specializing in awesome value hydroponics supplies, we are at the forefront of providing indoor growers with innovative nutrient solutions for their hydroponic gardening needs. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or just starting with your small indoor grow tents, our wide range of LED grow lights caters to all levels of expertise. We understand that proper grow lighting is the cornerstone of successful indoor growing, and that’s why we offer a curated selection of premium and budget LED grow lights that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and tailored to optimize plant growth.

Your Trusted Grow Shop: At our Hydro Urban grow shop, we are more than just your local hydroponic shop – we’re your partners in growth. We will get you the best results at the best prices! From selecting the right LED grow lighting to setting up your hydroponic system.

Local Roots, Global Experience: With our Peterborough hydroponic shop in Northamptonshire, we strive to provide you the cheapest led grow lights that perform. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with cultivating plants, not just in Peterborough but in the whole of the UK. We stay updated with the latest hydroponic trends and technological advancements to provide you with the most advanced full spectrum LED grow lighting solutions on the market.

From high-quality full spectrum LED grow lighting to an extensive range of hydroponics supplies (big and small grow tents, the best extraction fans for tents, the best plant nutrients and much much more). We are here to help you create a thriving indoor garden that yields impressive results, whether you are using full spectrum LED grow lights or dual spectrum HPS grow lamps we will get you the best results!

Visit our hydroponic shop near Corby, Northamptonshire or explore our online store to experience the Hydro Urban difference. Let’s grow together! 

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Do you ever type in on google 'hydroponics shop near me' or 'grow shop near me'... Well now you don't have too! We deliver all across the UK but just in case you are looking for a hydroponic shop in Northamptonshire just pop in! We specialise in everything to do with home hydroponics and commercial indoor hydroponics. At hydro Urban we stock everything, whether your after a cheap grow tent or the best soil for your large scale indoor grow we have it all! Let your plants thrive!

The local grow shop near you!

Our hydroponics grow store is conveniently located in Oundle (near corby) on the border of Northamptonshire and Peterborough. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge so if you are looking to scale up your hydroponics system or if your just starting out we will help! Are you after a small grow tent set up, a budget LED grow light OR the best LED grow light in the UK... we can give you friendly advice on what to pick. We understand that each grower is unique, and we tailor our assistance to ensure your success.

At Hydro Urban Oundle, we believe in providing the best value for our customers. Not only do we offer competitive prices, but we also guarantee to beat any genuine prices quoted by our competitors. We want you to feel confident that you're getting the best deal possible, without compromising on quality.
Gardening in UK

Our New UK Hydroponics Blog!

Want the best advice for your indoor tent or wondering why your plants are dying?

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We have just started to update our BRAND NEW hydroponics blog! We have nine different sections and may possibly add more in the future. I will list our categories below.
  1. All things LED – In this section we will be writing articles on everything you need to know about LED grow lights. What size light do I need for my indoor tent? What makes a good LED grow light? Are LED grow lights better than HPS lights? All of these questions will be answered in our new LED grow lighting articles!
  2. Propagation – Are you struggling to propagate your plants? Do you want to learn how to take cuttings and keep them healthy? Is the nutrient solution in my water correct for cutting? Why are my cuttings going yellow? We can and will help just take a look at our brand new propagation articles and learn everything you need to know – Don’t be afraid to drop us an email or a call and we can give you professional advice!
  3. Odour and detection control – Do I need to say anymore, sometimes those indoor roses create an extra pungent smell that attracts unwanted attention! Learn how to deal with everything from infrared drones to crop robbers in this section here!
  4. Pests and algae control – Are you struggling with spidermites or thrips? Perhaps your plants have green algae in the soil? We will tell you exactly what to add to your water or spray on the plants to kill any indoor plant pests!
  5. Hydroponic Nutrients – In this section we will be putting up articles about all of the different hydroponics nutrients brand and how to use them to the best of your ability to get that super yield everyone wants! Want to know the basics of how nutrient solutions work with your water and how they make your plants grow? We cover that as well.
  6. Grow room environment – possibly one of the most overlooked and definitely THE most important part of indoor gardening is the ideal grow environment. We will be teaching you what the best temperatures are in your grow room and how to use advanced controllers for your own benefit!
  7. Substrate – We will be covering the different types of substrates, their benefits and also the disadvantages of using them. This will help you choose the perfect grow soil or coco coir for your indoor tent!
  8. Hydroponic systems – Sometimes you hear about a new system but the information online doesn’t really help. In this section we will have articles on deep water culture, recirculating hydro methods, nft tables and the trusty old drip feed method (Personally my favourite!).
  9. Harvesting and curing – At hydro urban it is our job to make sure you produce the best product possible for your budget, it doesn’t matter if you have cheap grow tents or an industrial hydroponic set-up, how you treat the final product means everything and can be make or break! In this section we will be discussing the best methods of harvesting and curing your plants to preserve all the natural goodness!

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Learn all about different propagation methods and how to propagate your houseplants!


Learn all about different propagation methods and how to propagate your houseplants! From heated propagators to aeroponic propagators its all covered here!
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Odour & Detection Control

How to stop the smell and heat coming out of your grow room!

Protect your crops!

All things discretion, stop your grow tent/room smelling outside! Ever seen that house glowing because of infrared? Do not make these mistakes growing!
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Grow Room Enviroment

How to control your grow room environment? Click here to find out everything you need to know!

The Best way To Control Your Grow Room

All things Environment. On this page we will discuss the best ways to keep your environment perfect for growing hydroponic plants - Environment is the number one key factor affecting yield and quality!
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Hydroponic Nutrients

Lots of information on all your favourite organic and non-organic nutrients!


On this page we have many articles with all the questions we hear in our grow store - organic vs non-organic nutrients, nutrient deficiencies etc.
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When it comes to gardening, the soil and medium used can greatly impact the success of your plants. This is why choosing the right soil and coco coir is crucial.

Should I Use Soil Or Coco?

Choosing the best soil is crucial for healthy plant growth. Look for soils with a rich organic matter to improve fertility and drainage. Soil testing can also help determine pH levels and nutrient deficiencies to inform soil amendments.
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Hydroponic Systems

What are the best hydroponic systems to use and why? From small grow systems to industrial dripper systems we will cover it all!

Hydroponic Systems

What is the difference between hydroponic systems and hand feeding soil? On this page we have many articles discussing the different types of methods for growing plants in hydroponics and aeroponics!
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Harvesting and Curing

Lots of information on the best harvesting equipment for those lazy hands! From small tent growers to commercial growers we will show you how to get the best product!

Harvesting and curing techniques!

Lots of information on the best harvesting equipment for those lazy hands! From small tent growers to commercial growers we will show you how to get the best product! Including articles like 'how long to cure' 'when to chop down' and 'best trimming machines' plus many more!
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