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The Best Hydroponic Nutrients?

At Hydro Urban Oundle we only stock the very best hydroponic nutrients available in the UK, whether you are looking for easy to use Hydroponic Nutrients or something a little bit more advanced. Look No Further and #GrowLikeAPro
Nestled between Peterborough and Corby on the Northamptonshire Border, Hydro Urban exclusively offers premier hydroponic nutrient brands. From the sustainability focus of Athena Nutrients to the simplicity of Monkey Nutrients, the customization of Plagron, the innovation of Advanced Nutrients, the purity of Canna Nutrients, to the straightforward approach of Mills Nutrients, Hydro Urban ensures that growers have access to top-tier options. This selection underscores Hydro Urban's commitment to providing quality resources for hydroponic enthusiasts, empowering successful cultivation journeys.


AC Infinity excels in providing premier smart hydroponic equipment by merging innovation and quality. Their products feature advanced technology, user-friendly interfaces, and remote control, enabling growers to optimize conditions for consistent and outstanding plant growth. Connect up your brand new AC infinity LED with your fans via an AC infinity Bluetooth controller now!

Migro LED lighting

Migro Lighting, a prominent UK LED grow light manufacturer, is highly favored by growers seeking top-tier lighting solutions in the UK. The Migro Aray range, renowned for its excellence, caters to various hydroponic stages – from propagation to full flower growth.