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Propagation: The Key to Plant Growth

Propagation is a critical stage in the life of any plant, as it involves the creation of new plants from existing ones. Whether you’re an avid gardener, a professional horticulturist, or simply a plant enthusiast, understanding the art of propagation can help you expand your collection and create thriving gardens.

One essential aspect of propagation is the provision of ideal conditions for plant growth. Hydro Urban offers an impressive range of equipment to support this, including heated propagators with lights, high dome propagators, and propagation lamps like the Omega dual pack 18W LED clone lights. These tools create a controlled environment where temperature and lighting conditions are optimized for the specific needs of your plants.

At Hydro Urban, it’s not just about providing top-quality products. It’s also about offering expert guidance and support to help you make the most of your hydroponic endeavours. Their knowledgeable team can assist you in selecting the right LED grow lights for your specific needs, ensuring that you achieve the best results in your hydroponic garden.


In conclusion, Hydro Urban’s commitment to hydroponics in the UK extends to providing the finest LED grow lights and offering a wealth of expertise to help you succeed in your cultivation journey. With energy-efficient, customizable, and reliable LED grow lights from Hydro Urban, you can illuminate your path to bountiful harvests and become a true master of hydroponic gardening.


Learn all about different propagation methods and how to propagate your houseplants!


Learn all about different propagation methods and how to propagate your houseplants! From heated propagators to aeroponic propagators its all covered here!
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Hydro Urban is not only a trusted source for hydroponic equipment but also a valuable partner in ensuring the success of your hydroponic endeavours. With their expertise in plant pest control, including foggers, pyrethrum, and live predators, you can safeguard your crops from threats like spider mites and other pests. Hydro Urban is your one-stop solution for all your hydroponic needs, providing both the tools and the knowledge to help you grow healthy, thriving plants.

¬†Hydro Urban’s reputation as the leading authority in hydroponics in the UK is built not only on their extensive range of equipment but also on their expertise in addressing critical challenges like odour control. With their effective odour control solutions, including carbon filters, ozone generators, and air purifiers, you can maintain a discreet, odour-free, and compliant hydroponic environment. Trust Hydro Urban to provide the tools and knowledge needed to help you cultivate your hydroponic garden without the worry of unwanted odours.

Odour & Detection Control

How to stop the smell and heat coming out of your grow room!

Protect your crops!

All things discretion, stop your grow tent/room smelling outside! Ever seen that house glowing because of infrared? Do not make these mistakes growing!
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Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the right nutrients for your specific crop types and growth stages. They can offer guidance on nutrient mixing ratios, pH adjustments, and EC (electrical conductivity) levels, ensuring that your plants receive the precise nutrition they require.

We are a trusted partner in helping you create the ideal grow tent environment for your hydroponic garden in the UK. With a vast selection of equipment and a team of experts ready to offer guidance, Hydro Urban empowers growers to cultivate healthy, thriving plants within a controlled and customized environment. Trust Hydro Urban to provide the knowledge and resources needed to unlock the full potential of your hydroponic endeavours.

Hydroponic Nutrients

Lots of information on all your favourite organic and non-organic nutrients!


On this page we have many articles with all the questions we hear in our grow store - organic vs non-organic nutrients, nutrient deficiencies etc.
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Hydro Urban goes beyond being a hydroponic equipment supplier; it becomes your dependable ally in navigating the intricate landscape of hydroponic systems. Whether you’re beginning your journey on a smaller scale with AutoPot or ambitiously expanding your efforts with MegaPot, Hydro Urban stands ready to provide the indispensable expertise and resources required for your hydroponic ventures. Rely on Hydro Urban to equip you not only with the tools but also with the insights to fully unleash the potential of your hydroponic garden in the UK.

When it comes to hydroponics, you need more than just a supplier of equipment; you need a trusted partner to guide you in making informed decisions about substrates. Whether you choose coco coir, clay pebbles, or other soil substitutes, we empower you with a range of options and the expertise required to maximize your hydroponic garden’s potential in the UK. Count on us to provide the knowledge and resources necessary for your hydroponic success.


When it comes to gardening, the soil and medium used can greatly impact the success of your plants. This is why choosing the right soil and coco coir is crucial.

Should I Use Soil Or Coco?

Choosing the best soil is crucial for healthy plant growth. Look for soils with a rich organic matter to improve fertility and drainage. Soil testing can also help determine pH levels and nutrient deficiencies to inform soil amendments.
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Hydroponic Systems

What are the best hydroponic systems to use and why? From small grow systems to industrial dripper systems we will cover it all!

Hydroponic Systems

What is the difference between hydroponic systems and hand feeding soil? On this page we have many articles discussing the different types of methods for growing plants in hydroponics and aeroponics!
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Hydro Urban serves as your dedicated partner throughout the entire hydroponic cultivation process, extending its support to the vital stages of harvesting and curing. Their wealth of guidance and ample resources empowers you to confidently navigate these crucial phases, securing the highest quality for your hydroponically grown produce in the UK. Count on Hydro Urban to provide the essential expertise and tools necessary for you to truly excel in the art of hydroponic gardening, guiding you seamlessly from seed to harvest.

Harvesting and Curing

Lots of information on the best harvesting equipment for those lazy hands! From small tent growers to commercial growers we will show you how to get the best product!

Harvesting and curing techniques!

Lots of information on the best harvesting equipment for those lazy hands! From small tent growers to commercial growers we will show you how to get the best product! Including articles like 'how long to cure' 'when to chop down' and 'best trimming machines' plus many more!
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