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Information on how to control plant and flower bugs!

All things Pest controls – In this section we will be writing articles on everything you need to know those pesky flower bugs! What plant pest control products are best for different types of pests and diseases? What is the cheapest way of controlling garden bugs? And loads more in our new plant pest control section!

How to finally get rid of the spider mite: This is the best way to get spider mites out of your grow room for good!

Check out our brand new blog on how to destroy spider mite infestations in 5 easy steps!

  • What is a spider mite?

  • Where do spider mites come from?

  • How long do spider mites live and what is their life cycle?

  • What does spidermite damage look like?

  • Spider mites have infested my plant, will they die?

  • How to kill spidermites?

  • Removing damaged leaves on my house plants?

  • Live spidermite predators (beneficial insects)

  • organic pest control products to control spider mites

  • How I kill a spider mite infestation in only FIVE days! Expert Advice

All about spiter mites and how to protect your houseplants!

Removing these pesky little mites once and for all! Save your precious plants and flowers!