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Information on plant environment and the best climate controllers!

All things plant environment and the best climate controllers! – In this section we will be writing articles on everything you need to know about the best grow room environment. We will also be discussing climate controllers! How grow controllers work and the different types.

Take your indoor grow room to the next level with climate controllers!

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  • How Can I Automate Grow Room Climate Control
  • What are the different types of grow room controllers and how do they control the grow room climate?
  • My temperature inside my grow tent or room is too low?
  • How can I control the wattage of my grow lights and is it easy to use a controller?
  • What are the benefits of using a fan controller and how it will create a workable climate inside my grow room?
  •  Why you should use a fan controller
  • Why do I want to control the humidity in my grow room?
  • Controlling my PH levels and why it is important
  • Why are Co2 Controllers important for my indoor grow tent?
  • Conclusion on using environmental control in a hydroponic grow room

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