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Benefits of AC infinity LED grow lights

Certainly, the use of innovative technologies and solutions over the past five decades has been crucial for experienced growers to manage the challenges posed by High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs in indoor cultivation. In this context, let’s explore how AC Infinity controllers, like the Bluetooth-compatible Controller 69, can contribute to controlling light in conjunction with more efficient AC Infinity LED grow lights, such as the IONframe EVO range with Samsung lm301h EVO diodes:

Energy Efficiency: One of the primary challenges with older HPS bulbs is their high energy consumption. AC Infinity LED grow lights, such as the IONframe EVO range equipped with energy-efficient Samsung lm301h EVO chips, provide a more energy-efficient alternative. These LEDs consume less electricity while delivering the necessary light spectrum for optimal plant growth. This reduces operational costs and is environmentally friendly.

Light Spectrum Control: HPS bulbs emit a fixed spectrum of light, which may not be ideal for all growth stages and plant varieties. AC Infinity LED grow lights often feature customizable integrated controllers, allowing growers to adjust the light output to match the specific needs of their plants. This spectral flexibility ensures that light quality doesn’t dictate growth and can be tailored to maximize plant development and yield.

Precise Light Control with AC Infinity Controllers: The integration of AC Infinity controllers, like the Bluetooth-compatible Controller 69, enhances the grower’s ability to fine-tune the light environment within the grow tent. These control systems offer features such as dimming, scheduling, and spectrum control, all accessible remotely via smartphone apps. Growers can adjust light intensity, duration, and spectrum with precision, thereby optimizing conditions for various growth stages. This level of control allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions for their plants, improving overall crop health and yield potential. This controller is one of the best complete packages on the market, it does everything you could possibly want!

Heat Management: While HPS bulbs generate significant heat, AC Infinity LED grow lights generate less heat, reducing the need for expensive ventilation systems and heat management solutions. This further contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings. In addition the duct fan system will have to work less saving you extra money on those ever-rising energy prices!

In summary, the combination of AC Infinity LED grow lights with Samsung lm301h EVO chips and AC Infinity controllers like the Controller 69 allows experienced growers to address the challenges posed by HPS bulbs effectively. These led grow lights that utilise the samsung lm301h evo leds diodes are super easy to set-up, all you need is a pair of light hangers and a suitable grow space!

Due to the creative ways infinity ac have integrated environmental controls into their hydroponic equipment products like the ionframe evo6, ac infinity cloudline s4 EC fan, ac infinity cloudray circulation fans and the ac infinity cloudforge t7 humidifiers can work seamlessly together. Utilising the smart controller to create precise and consistent environmental controls creating the ideal environment.

AC infinity controllers

The AC Infinity Controller 69 is a digital controller designed for use in grow applications to optimize the environment for plants. Here are some key features and details about this controller:


Key Features:

  1. Smart Controls: The AC Infinity Controller 69 is designed to provide smart programming for AC Infinity devices, allowing you to create the most optimized environment for your plants. From your duct fan system to your Evo6 LED grow light

  2. Control Multiple Devices: You can connect and control up to four different devices, including ac infinity cloudforge t3 humidifiers, ac infinity cloudline s10 inline ec fans (depending on duct size) and the ionframe light, using this controller. Each device can have its own independent climate and time-based programming.

  3. Temperature and Humidity Control: The controller can automate devices to dynamically adjust their speed and brightness levels based on changes in temperature and humidity. This ensures that your plants receive the ideal conditions for growth. This means you could set up your duct fan system with the correct size inline fan and carbon filters with the correct fan speeds to ensure your grow tent is at optimum growing conditions. This isn’t just your bog standard speed controller it is much more than that! The AC infinity controllers are complete climate control systems at the tip of your fingers.

  4. Additional Programming: In addition to temperature and humidity control, the controller offers features such as grow cycles, scheduling, timers, minimum levels, and custom transitions. Meaning you can set your Ac infinity LEDs light schedule throughout the entire grow period to capitalise on the daylight time integral needed for maximum yield.

  5. Bluetooth Connectivity: You can connect to the controller using a Bluetooth connection and control it through the AC Infinity app. This allows you to access advanced programs, set alarms, receive notifications, and view climate data remotely.

Description of products:

  • The controller features a backlit display that can show temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can also choose to switch off the display while programs are running in the background. It really is one of the best climate control systems!

  • It comes with a kickstand for easy placement and includes hardware for wall mounting.

  • The controller includes a 12-foot sensor probe with a thermalloy head, which accurately detects the current temperature and humidity conditions in your grow space.

Intelligent Programming:

  • The controller allows you to connect and program up to four devices, giving you flexibility in managing your indoor growing environment.

  • You can set dynamic programs that adjust fan speed and light intensity based on real-time changes in temperature and humidity.

  • Minimum baseline levels can be established for your devices to ensure consistent operation, with the option to increase their settings when specific triggers are activated.

  • Timer, cycle, and scheduling modes enable custom on-demand activation for various indoor growing purposes.

  • Through the AC Infinity app, you can securely connect to the controller via Bluetooth to remotely access your devices, unlock advanced programs, set alarms, receive notifications, view historical data in charts, and export data in CSV format.


  • The AC Infinity Controller 69 is compatible with devices within the UIS™ (Universal Integrated System) ecosystem. This includes all AC Infinity LED grow lights and EC fans.

  • The controller comes with two adapter dongles to connect with EC-motor fans that have 4-pin Molex connectors.

  • Compatible AC Infinity series devices include CLOUDLINE Series (Inline Duct Fans), AIRLIFT Series (Shutter Exhaust Fans), CLOUDRAY Series (Clip-on Circulation Fans), CLOUDLIFT Series (Floor Wall Circulation Fans), IONGRID Series (Halo LED Grow Lights), and IONBOARD Series (LED Grow Light Boards).

This climate controller is designed to provide precise environmental control for indoor growers, helping to optimize plant growth conditions.

Indoor gardening and cultivation come with numerous advantages, but they also present a common challenge: unwanted odours. Whether you’re growing herbs, flowers, or vegetables indoors, controlling the scent is essential. This is where AC Infinity Carbon Filters step in as an indispensable solution. In this article, we’ll explore why AC Infinity Carbon Filters are so effective at neutralizing odours and ensuring a pleasant environment for indoor growers.

Understanding the Need for Carbon Filters

Indoor gardening environments can sometimes emit strong and distinctive odours, especially during the flowering and blooming stages of plants. These odours can be a concern for both the growers themselves and their neighbours. Additionally, maintaining discretion is essential for various reasons, including legal compliance in some regions.

AC Infinity Carbon Filters: The Odour-Busting Heroes

AC Infinity’s carbon filters have earned a solid reputation for their exceptional performance in tackling unwanted odours. But do they work with a speed controller on an ec fan, and why are they so effective?

1. High-Quality Activated Carbon:

At the core of AC Infinity’s carbon filters lies high-quality activated carbon. This specialized carbon has a large surface area covered with tiny pores. It’s these pores that make activated carbon ideal for adsorbing odour molecules. Adsorption, not to be confused with absorption, involves attracting and adhering odour molecules to the carbon surface. AC Infinity’s filters utilize premium-grade activated carbon to ensure maximum odor elimination.

2. Dense Carbon Bed Design:

AC Infinity doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the density of the carbon bed in their filters. A dense carbon bed means that there is more surface area available for odour molecules to interact with the activated carbon. This design choice enhances the filter’s capacity to trap and neutralize a wide range of odour compounds, leaving your grow room smelling fresh.

3. Effective Airflow Design:

Proper airflow is crucial for the efficient operation of carbon filters. AC Infinity’s filters are engineered with this in mind. The strategically designed pleats and flanges create a uniform airflow pattern through the carbon bed. This ensures that all air being pulled through the filter via an EC fan like the cloudline t4 receives maximum odour removal.

4. Long-Lasting Performance:

One of the key advantages of AC Infinity Carbon Filters is their longevity. They are built to provide extended use, maintaining their odour-fighting effectiveness over an extended period. This means fewer replacements and cost savings for growers in the long run.

5. Easy Installation:

AC Infinity’s carbon filters are designed for hassle-free installation. They come with pre-installed flanges and a lightweight yet durable construction that makes setup straightforward and convenient. Combined with the correct duct fan and speed controller these systems are unstoppable!

6. Versatile Sizing Options:

AC Infinity offers a range of filter sizes to suit different grow room setups and inline EC fans to match. Whether you have a compact space or a large grow room, there’s a filter size that fits your needs.

The Science of Odour Destruction

To understand the efficacy of the AC Infinity Carbon Filter, it’s crucial to appreciate the science behind odour destruction. When air containing odour molecules passes through the filter, these molecules become trapped in the activated carbon’s porous structure. Once trapped, the odour molecules are held there until they break down naturally over time. This process effectively neutralizes the odours, leaving the air clean and odour-free.

Conclusion: A Breath of Fresh Air with a AC Infinity Carbon Filter

AC Infinity Carbon Filters are the go-to solution for indoor growers looking to maintain a discreet and odour-free environment. Their commitment to quality, combined with the science of adsorption, ensures that these filters are highly effective at destroying smell molecules. With AC Infinity Carbon Filters, you can confidently cultivate your indoor garden without worrying about unwanted odours, making the growing experience both enjoyable and discreet. Paired with the correct EC fan like the 4in ac infinity cloudline s4 and a speed controller not only will these systems reduce external smell outside your grow room, these AC infinity products will make your plants grow on a completely different level! You could even add one of the super efficient LED grow lights that come with only the best samsung lm301h evo commercial diodes for ultimate yield!

Ac infinity specialise in smart grow tents and grow rooms, they have controllers that integrate all AC infinity humidifiers; ac infinity cloudline fans and ac infinity LED grow lights - This makes the environment in your grow space perfect everytime!