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Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro iFresh fan and filter kits are one of the most highly advanced filtration kits in the hydroponic scene at the moment, specially designed for hobby growers and profesional gardeners alike. The super smart grow app technology that can link all of your Mars Hydro equipment and make it run precisely and efficiently, is a real game changer in the world of hydroponic growing.

What makes Mars Hydro so popular among UK growers?

The Mars Hydro iFresh inline fans boasts a cutting-edge probe sensor. This offers continuous monitoring of grow room climate control, including temperature and relative humidity. UK Growers gain effortless access to fan speed, airflow, and grow environment data via the app interface. No matter where you are located you can access your climate! Furthermore, utilizing the loop timing schedule function, cultivators can establish a specific start time and duration for automated fan operation. So if you are using co2 and need too get some fresh air in your semi-sealed grow room these fans are perfect!
By downloading the Mars Hydro app, indoor growers can connect to the iFresh 4in fan (and others) to access various smart features such as OTA remote control, climate triggers, alarms, and loop timers. All of which can be easily controlled from their smartphone. Fan speed and on/off functions can also be adjusted with a simple touch.
The climate trigger feature empowers growers to establish a predefined “safe range” for both temperature and humidity levels. When these parameters deviate from the specified range, the inline fan automatically operates at its maximum speed. This seamless automation guarantees that the grow room consistently maintains the ideal climate conditions. This eliminates the need for constant manual intervention.
This brand new type of climate control has been pioneered by the likes of Mars Hydro and AC infinity. It is changing how people grow their hydroponic goods and increasing yield and quality.

Mars Hydro LED grow lights are one of the best a most innovative in the UK! With their smart app technology growers who choose the top of the range LED lights can now fully optimise and control their grow from the click of a smartphone!

Are Mars LED grow lights good?
So I was, you are probably unsure about the quality of Mars Hydro LED grow lights and whilst you only hear good things about them believe it is only marketing. Well until I actually had a mars hydro light in my hands and saw the quality of it I was unsure as well. I thought how does this Chinese company produce lights at such a low cost that can possibly compete with the big European brands.

It’s quite simple really, these big European brands pay Chinese factories to make their grow lights then charge a premium for them. Mars Hydro do not need to do that because THEY ARE a Chinese factory that produces high quality products without the extra overhead costs!

Why Choose Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights?
Mars hydro have a great reputation in the hydroponic community, from their great customer service to the quality of their products. MarsHydro always deliver on their promises! The LED grow lights come in numerous different sizes from the SP150 to the FC8000. There is a grow light to suit every situation and environment, so whether you are a hobbyist with a small grow tent or a commercial grower with something to prove Mars hydro have got you covered.

When you are looking at grow tents and lighting sometimes it can be a bit confusing. Well, Mars Hydro have taken that confusion away with their extremely well thought out range of new products – The Mars Hydro tent and led light kits.

Is Mars hydro a good brand?
While some growers might assume that Mars Hydro’s affordability places its equipment at a lower quality tier compared to competitors, it’s important to note that Mars Hydro has made significant advancements. They have managed to keep their prices lower by avoiding the overhead costs that burden their competitors, all while maintaining a commitment to quality that does not waver.

What do I receive in a Mars Hydro full tent kit?
Mars Hydro tent kits are an almost full inclusive set up and grow kit aimed at growers wanting to just get going! You may have to buy a couple of seeds and some soil but you can get that here at Hydro Urban. Just take a look at our substrates section!

So in the tent kits you will receive –

Mars hydro LED grow light
Mars hydro light hangers
suitable sized ductig
a MarsHydro tent
an extraction fan
Mars hydro filter
fabric pot
And other extras specified!
Mars Hydro grow equipment can now be integrated onto the smart growing app. This leaves the grower with full control over the grow tent climate. This means better yields and quality!