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Omega Euro 315w CDM CMH Kits



Exceptional output, reduced consumption and brilliant spectrum

Omega Lighting Kits are regarded as the best on the market with excellent value for money. The 315W Euro Kit offers the user a high-performance and cost-effective lighting system.

Omega 315W Euro Lighting Kit contains:

  • 315W Omega Ballast
  • Omega Eurowing Reflector
  • 315W Omega Lamp (3000k or 4000k)

Omega 315W CDM Digital Ballasts

Omega 315W CDM Digital Ballasts are ideal for powering 315W lamps. The ceramic metal halides or 315W CDM lighting kits are the professionals choice for maximising crop growth. This technology offers the user an enhanced output with reduced electrical consumption. Reducing your electricity bills and with added light output, it’s a no brainer.

Daylight 315W Technology is on the rise. Exceptional output, reduced consumption, brilliant spectrum and lower temperatures. The results need to be seen to be believed.

Omega 315W CDM Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp (3000k or 4000k)

The 315W Omega Spectrum Lighting Kit gives users the choice of a 3000k 315W CDM Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp, or a 4000k Omega 315W CDM Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp.

The Omega 315W CDM Ceramic Metal Halide grow lamp is to be used with a 315w CDM type ballast. This lamp emits a light spectrum closer to the sunlight than any HID (high-intensity discharge) lamp on the market. The light given off that is useable by the plant (sometimes called PAR) is significantly greater and this is very apparent to the naked eye. When you turn it on for the first time you will notice that it is much brighter than any other type of light you have used in your grow room before.

As with 315W CDM ballasts, these lamps are highly efficient – 1.9 micromole per watt of electricity.

Omega Eurowing Reflector

Offering value for money, the Omega Eurowing Reflector provides plants with excellent light dispersion, less hot-spots and more reflectivity – using its v-ridge design and dimpled silver wings. Easy to assemble, the Euro Reflector’s ceramic lamp holder offers excellent heat resistance.

  • Provides even light dispersion
  • Generates fewer hot-spots
  • More light reflectivity
  • Solid Ceramic E40 Fitting
  • Dimpled silver wings for maximum reflectivity

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3000K, 4000K


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