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Aqualine Humidifier

It’s no surprise that dry air can have a devastating impact on plant growth. Young plants absorb most of their water through the leaves, so a moist environment is just as important as well-watered soil.

The Aqualine Humidifier stimulates growth and keeps seedlings hydrated through this vital time. It prevents wilting, shrivelling and yellowing of leaves. Users will also see dramatic enhancement in the strength, size, and yield of plants in a grow space at the right level of humidity.

Adjustable mist nozzle

Use the humidifier most efficiently with its 360° rotating nozzle. This can be directed towards plants for complete control over the environment and minimal water waste.

Quiet running

One less noisy appliance to worry about! The Aqualine Humidifier operates almost silently, making it suitable for grow rooms with little sound insulation.

Runs all day

The Aqualine Humidifier offers up to 32 days’ use on full capacity (23L size). It lasts throughout the day and then some! Moving up to 2L of water per hour in a 60-150m² grow space, the appliance is highly efficient and means there is no rush to refill.

Automatic switch off

When the humidifier runs out of water, it will automatically turn off. This safety feature prevents overheating and means that the appliance won’t be left running should it slip your mind.

How to use the Aqualine Humidifier?

Just fill with water and plug the appliance in using the UK mains plug included. Point the vapour nozzle towards the area you want to keep humid. The humidifier will then begin to increase the moisture levels in the air.

To adjust the power setting, turn the dial on the front of the humidifier. This dial can be operated on a 0-100% setting to ensure complete and customisable use.

Where to use the Aqualine Humidifier?

The Aqualine Humidifier is designed to increase the moisture levels of indoor grow spaces, such as tents, grow rooms, and greenhouses. It can also be used within the home for house plants and in hydroponic setups if required.

Why choose the Aqualine Humidifier?

With sizes ranging from 2.3L to 23L , the Aqualine Humidifier is the perfect size for small and large grow spaces alike. Weighing just over a kilo when empty, it is easy to transport or store away when not in use.

Its controllable dial makes it incredibly efficient and it can be left to do its job throughout the day. Users can tailor their growing environment to best suit the needs of their plants; no need to purchase separate appliances for seedlings and for plants in the vegetative stage.

  • Electric humidifier;
  • Stimulates plant growth;
  • Increases humidity and keeps air and soil moist;
  • Prevents yellowing, withering, and shrivelling;
  • Dial adjustable from 0-100%;
  • Capacities ranging from 2.3L to 23L;
  • Up to 32 days run time;
  • RoHS, UKCA, and CE certified.

Additional information

Type of humidifier

2.3L "The Mini One", 4.5L "The Midi Mist", 8.7L "The Mezzo", 11L "The Multi Mist", 23L "The Big One"


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