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Atami B’Cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator



Atami B’Cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator

Atami B’Cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator is a natural, fast-acting growth additive which speeds up the flowering process. It is specially developed for coco and offers all the same benefits that other bloom stimulators give soil growers.

Growers can expect higher quality plants with increased smell and taste, as well as increased root size and more efficient transportation of sugar molecules around the plant.

Fast, natural growth

B’Cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator activates the flowering period earlier than usual. This speeds up the entire growth process and provides fruit and flowers more quickly, or to grow them over a longer period of time for higher quality and stronger yield. The formulation is 100% organic and does not use any artificial or harmful ingredients to stimulate growth, so you can rest assured that your plants and surrounding areas are safe.

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As well as producing healthy fruits and flowers, it is specially designed to extend the benefits into the roots and surrounding areas. B’Cuzz Bloom Stimulator is proven to enhance root growth.

Where to use Atami B’Cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator?

This product is designed to be used indoors and in grow rooms. It is best for plants in coco coir, but is also suitable for soil and hydro growth.

How to use Atami B’Cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator?

Begin using at the start of the flowering period and continue throughout. Quantities depend on the amount of light available:

  • Use 0.5ml per litre of water in grow rooms with little light (200 w/m)
  • Use 1ml per litre of water in grow rooms with more light (400 w/m)
  • Use 2ml per litre of water in grow rooms with maximum light (800 w/m)

Alternate with nutrients and pure water.

Why use Atami B’Cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator?

The flowering period is the most important stage for many flowers and plants. With the Coco Bloom Stimulator, the flowering period is activated early, meaning that the bloom stage lasts longer and is more intense. The formula is virtually NPK neutral, so can be used alongside most base nutrients.

  • Starts flowering process earlier;
  • 100% organic;
  • Offers all the benefits of soil bloom stimulators in coco growth;
  • Completely soluble in water;
  • Designed for maximum yield and quality.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Atami

Capacity: 1L

Uses: Approx. 50-200 uses depending on light level


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