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Atami Cocos Substrate 50L



Atami Cocos Substrate

Mix it up

Coco substrate is mixed with a light fertiliser in this original blend to allow rapid growth in the first week of planting.

RHP certified

The whole Atami range, including Cocos Substrate, carries the RHP certification. This is a Dutch mark of excellent quality, used to identify outstanding products and guarantee you receive a substrate that is made from the highest-standard ingredients and carries minimal risk of pests and disease.

Optimal root growth

The nature of the substrate means that Atami Cocos can quickly absorb nutritious water and redistribute it as needed. Soil remains humid without the excess liquid that can suffocate a plant. Coco fibre allows plenty of oxygen to circulate around the roots, promoting root growth and transportation of vital nutrients.

How to use Atami Cocos Substrate?

The substrate contains enough fertiliser to supplement the first week of growing. After this, water with liquid fertilisers and stimulators can be used alongside. Use 1-5 litres per square metre for adult plants.

Atami Cocos Substrate is suitable for both seeds and cuttings.

Why use Atami Cocos Substrate?

Cocos Substrate is gently washed and steamed to make sure that it is free of toxins and safe to use. Its manufacturing process is strictly quality controlled. The end result: a robust and worry-free fertiliser that can be used over and over again.

  • High-quality, approved coco substrate;
  • Promotes rapid root development;
  • RHP certified.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Atami

Capacity: 50L

Ingredients: Coconut fibres; mineral lime; kalksalpeter & fertilisation (NPK 11-27-8).

pH: 6.0 (+/- 0.5)

Moisture content: <85%

Air content (PF1): 20%

Produced in: Netherlands


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