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Athena IPW



Athena IPW (formerly known as IPM) is a complete pest management formula that kills many soft-bodied insects and mildew on contact. When used as directed Athena IPW penetrates plant crevices and leaf surfaces where unwanted biotic infections seek to colonize.
Complete powdery mildew management: Control, Killer & Cure
100% Organic microbial exudates (enzymes)
NO artificial pesticides or fungicides
Derived from inputs grown in the USA
Can be used from seedling to harvest
EPA 25(b) Exempt product with proven safe ingredients
You can check out their Athena Blended Line Feed schedule, and other associated Athena Procedures here.
Instructions for use
Mix in clean water and spray at the first sign of mildew. Spray with lights off or just before they come on. Cover leaf surface thoroughly, top and bottom.
Preventative (no pests) – During veg and up to week 3 flower use 15-24ml per litre. Spray 2 x week.
Curative (some pests) – During veg and up to week 3 flower use 24-32ml per litre. Spray 3 x week.
Infestation 32 ml per litre and spray for 2 days on and 1 day off (so spray day 1, day 2, then skip day 3, repeat). Do that for 9 days
How to Use:
Important: Make sure to feed your plants first with your normal feed before using IPM
Dilute as per rates below
Use from the veg stage through to the last day of week 3 of flower.
Lower temperature to around 22° C and use dehumidifiers to maintain humidity around 55-65% to prevent mould and mildew issues
Only spray when high-intensity lights are turned off to prevent burning (Work lights or green lights only, no grow lights)
Start by spraying the media, following up the stalk making sure to drench the undersides and top of the leaves.
Allow enough time to dry (3-4 hours) before high-intensity lights are turned on
What to expect
Athena IPW dissolves protective membranes protecting insects and moulds. They cannot develop resistance to this mechanical mode of action. Using natural compounds to combat mildew pressure minimizes the stress on your plants.
Instead of your plants fighting biotic stress, they can more efficiently use energy for vegetative growth and flower production. Increasing harvest quality and yields, without any harmful or dangerous chemicals.
Effective Against
Spider Mites Two-Spotted Spider Mites Southern Red Mites
Broad Mites Red Spider Mites Thrips
Mole Crickets Mosquito Larva European Red Mites
Aphids Chiggers Whitefly
Powdery Mildew Downey Mildew
For those that may want some PPFD reference and have an Apogee meter: check out the grow guide by Poetry of Plants

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