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AutoPot 15L Systems with 9mm Aquavalve5



AutoPot 15L Systems with 9mm Aquavalve5 

AutoPot Watering Systems are simple to use, flexible self watering systems that use no electricity just a simple gravity fed float switch.
This means they can be used on sites with no mains power or that suffer from power cuts.
A variety of media can be used such as soil mixes, coco/perlite or coco/clay pebble mixes.
The AutoPot 15 Litre Systems are suitable for growing a wide variety of plants and vegetables.
Our systems are available in many sizes from 1 to 100 Pots, if you have different requirements just call us for a bespoke quote.
The AutoPot 15 Litre System comes with:

15 Litre Pot(s)

Tray and Lid(s)
AQUAvalve5(s) for use with 9mm pipework
Marix Disc(s)
Root Control Disc(s)
Nutrient Reservoir or Water Butt
All pipework and fittings

Check out the module setup video below.

  • New Aquavalve5
  • 15 Litre Square Pot
  • Self watering
  • Can be used without electricity
  • Now with 9mm Pipework

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
System Size

16 Pot System, 12 Pot System, 9 Pot System, 8 Pot System, 24 Pot System, 36 Pot System, 48 Pot System, 100 Pot System


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