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BioBizz Starter Pack



Bio Bizz Starter Pack

Are you a person with strong organic beliefs? Do you care about the future? Do you choose quality above quantity? Or is it just about the flavour and the colour? If you don’t know where to start, then let Biobizz make it easy for you!

This starter pack is fully loaded with everything you need to initiate your own growing adventure, which will make you and your plants grow together. It includes Bio Grow & Bloom, Top-Max, Bio-Heaven and Root-Juice.
Let the Biobizz experience show you the magic of nature: rooting, growing and blooming phases will be taken care of with the most amazing harvest as result.

You don’t need to be an expert: just follow our nutrient program and check it out yourself.

The BioBizz Starter Pack:

BioBizz is a highly-respected Organic nutrient booster manufacturer. BioBizz has been in existence since 1992. They continue to improve their product range. BioBizz is the organic nutrition range that has been voted the most reliable and best for growing crops. These nutrients increase soil fertility and encourage beneficial microbial growth. They are known for producing sweet and aromatic flowers as well as delicious fruits. BioBizz’s range of nutrients, boosters and vitamins has made it possible to increase yields without sacrificing quality.

The Starter’s Pack contains all you need to produce a great Organic crop.

The Bio-Grow nutritional supplement is intended for vegetable vegging, but can also be used to produce fruit and flower.

The Bio-Bloom nutrients provide additional nutrients for plants when they begin to flower/fruit.

Root Juice booster creates a powerful root-mass that will support amazing plant growth.

Bio-Heaven can be used to boost your plants’ growth.


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