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Bluelab Guardian Monitor



Bluelab Guardian Monitor

pH, EC, and temperature are three of the most critical things to know about your plants. See them all at a glance with this LED monitor.

Save time on manual measurements and spot checks; just hang the monitor in your grow space and make adjustments as needed. This way, your plants can grow under prime conditions and thrive without your constant input.

Easy pH calibration function

Follow the instructions on-screen and use the two pH solutions provided (4.0 and 7.0) to calibrate your reservoir to the most accurate level.

pH is the measurement of the acids or alkalis present in an organism. All plants have an optimum pH level, in which they will develop most quickly and healthily. However, growing environments naturally fluctuate and require careful monitoring.

Plants with too high or low a pH will struggle to take in nutrients, even if they are present in their surroundings.

Similarly, many nutrients cannot function above a certain pH (approximately 6.5) and will migrate to the walls of the reservoir. Not only does this waste your money, but it puts your plants in danger of withering, yellowing, or producing few fruits and flowers.

Flashing high and low alarms

Set your ideal measurements and receive discreet alerts when your reservoir falls out of range. The monitor’s high and low flashing alarms show inconsistencies in acidity level, electrical conductivity, and temperature.

Spot early signs or more urgent matters – and, what’s more, you won’t miss changes in a noisy environment.

Use all the time, anywhere

Plug in for continuous use and all-day peace of mind. The 2-metre cable allows growers to place the Guardian Monitor in the most convenient spot in their grow space, greenhouse, or hydroponic system.

Flexible mounts on the back of the interface mean it can be attached to a wall, rack, hook, or post.

How to care for Bluelab Guardian Monitor?

Prolong the life of your monitor’s pH probe by keeping it wet at all times when in use. Put the storage cap over the top of the probe when not in use and regularly top up the amount of potassium chloride (KCl) solution inside the cap. Spare probes are available to buy.

The monitor is splashproof, so it will withstand small accidents and may be wiped clean with a damp cloth as needed. 


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