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Canna Calmag Agent




Canna Calmag Agent has been made to increase the EC of soft water; therefore, to aid the growth of robust, healthy plants, this product is great for ‘hardening’ your water if you use RO water or you live in a soft water area.

How It Works

All Canna nutrients and other products are designed to work with ‘normal’ water with a Magnesium+Calcium background EC of between 0.4 and 0.7. Both magnesium and especially calcium have a lot of important roles in the health, metabolism and development of plants at all stages.

Normal water contains magnesium (and bicarbonate) and calcium, which stabilises the water pH and provides magnesium and calcium to your plants. Reverse osmosis (RO) water and soft water (with an EC of below 0.4) do not contain enough of these vital secondary nutrients.

If you use reverse osmosis (RO) water or soft water, then you need to balance the magnesium and calcium content back to normal levels before making up your nutrient solution with Canna nutrients. 

There is a high risk of deficiencies developing if this is not done, and there will be a detrimental effect on final crop quality and size and plant health.

If you are unlucky enough to have water with an EC above 0.8, then the Canna Calmag agent can then be used to raise the EC back up again to 0.4. Canna recommends using a reverse osmosis unit to clean it and get it down to this normal level. 

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