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Canna Terra Professional 50L



Canna Terra Professional 50L

Canna Terra Professional provides nitrogen-rich soil which is exactly what users need in a growing medium. It contains a blend of soil, compost, perlite, worm castings and a special ‘plant booster’ consisting of blended organic ingredients. If users are going to grow in soil, Canna Terra Professional is the best basic soil on the market.

High-value organic ingredients

High-value organic ingredients like peat moss and tree bark are components of Terra Professional. These have the effect of promoting exceptional rootzone development and the formation of sturdier and thicker stems, while increased metabolism ensures an exceptional harvest.

Versatile soil

Canna Terra Professional is a very versatile soil as it comes only lightly fertilised with an EC of 1.2 and because it has a complete nutrient feeding schedule available in the form of the Canna Terra range of nutrients.


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