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CarboAir inline filters are specifically designed so you can mount them outside of the growing area – and all air passed through will be scrubbed. The perfect solution for tight spaces and the unique design will actually reduce the sound in your duck work silencing air noise form your fans.

Made to the high quality, premium components by Global Air Supplies – CarboAir Inline Filters are filled with Virgin activated granular carbon, are hand made in Europe and have a 18 months guarantee. Available in : 150, 200, 250 & 315mm duct sizes CarboAir Inline filters are space saving, lightweight and are supplied with a machine washable pre-filter.

CarboAir 150 Inline Filter:Flange: 150mm – Length: 740mm, Max Air Flow: 900 m3/h

CarboAir 200 Inline Filter: Flange: 200mm – Length: 740mm, Max Air Flow: 1200 m3/h

CarboAir 250mm Inline Filter: Flange: 250mm – Length: 740mm, Max Air Flow: 1250 m3/h

CarboAir 315mm Inline Filter: Flange: 315mm – Length: 740mm, Max Air Flow: 1600 m3/h

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Filter Size

150, 200, 250, 315


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