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Combi Ducting



Vortex Combi Ducting

All Vortex branded ducting conforms to all VOC standards and its primary purpose is to channel air in any direction.


The ducting is lightweight and easy to install. No special tools or cutting implements are required to fit this ducting. In the event of a fire, none of the materials used in the production of this ducting will release toxic gases.

All Vortex ducting has been tested for fire resistance.


  • High quality Combi Ducting
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • No tools required
  • Fire-resistant.

Additional information

Combi Ducting

4" – 5M, 5" – 5M, 6" – 5M, 8" – 5M, 10" – 5M, 12" – 5M, 4" – 10M, 5" – 10M, 6" – 10M, 8" – 10M, 10" – 10M, 12" – 10M


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