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FloraFlex 16-17mm Pipe Fitting – Elbow



With this elbow fitting, you can easily turn the 16-17mm double layer tubing at an angle of 90 degrees. The tubing, in turn, will act as a delivery line that either feed the pots via the micro dripper assembly or this pipe attaches to the bubbler (via the 3/4″ male adapter) which then feeds the pots via attached green dripper lines

The white outer layer helps to deflect light and keep the temperature in the hose cooler, the opaque black inner layer blocks all light, preventing algae build-up in the hose and keeping the system clean.

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  • 16-17mm Pipe Fitting -3/4″ Male Adaptor  (to join to the bubbler)
  • 16-17mm Pipe Fitting – Elbow (to connect the tubing to negotiate corners!)
  • 16-17 mm Pipe Fitting – Tee (to connect the tubing to spit into two)
  • Micro Dripper Assembly – 1 -Way (36″) (plugs straight through the 16/17mm pipe to feed your plants)
  • Micro Dripper Assembly – 2 -Way (24″)  (as above but has two lines coming off it)
  • Multi-Flow Bubbler (the 3/4 Male adapter is needed)


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