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gold label Bloom Booster NK



Product Name: Gold Label Bloom Booster NK

Gold Label Bloom Booster NK is a highly concentrated booster designed specifically for the flowering stage of plant growth. This booster contains a potent combination of Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K) to support flower development. It also incorporates professional-grade plant hormones, plant vitamins, and essential amino acids. High-quality chelated trace elements are included to ensure optimal availability and translocation to all parts of the plant. Additionally, this product provides essential nutrients and promotes the development of bacterial life in the growing media, sustaining a flowering boost.

Key Benefits:

Flowering Support: Promotes robust flower development during the flowering stage of plant growth.
Highly Concentrated: Offers a concentrated source of Nitrogen and Potassium to meet the specific needs of flowering plants.
Nutrient Rich: Contains essential plant hormones, vitamins, and amino acids for enhanced flowering and overall plant health.
Bacterial Support: Enhances bacterial life in the growing media, contributing to sustained flowering growth.
Usage Guidelines:
To achieve the best results, follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosing and application instructions for Gold Label Bloom Booster NK. This product is specifically designed to support flowering and maximize nutrient availability.

Gold Label Bloom Booster NK is an excellent choice for growers looking to boost and sustain flowering during the flowering phase of plant growth. Its concentrated formula is intended to enhance flower production and overall plant health during this critical stage.

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Bloom Booster NK- 250ml, Bloom Booster NK- 500ml, Bloom Booster NK- 1L, Bloom Booster NK- 5L


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