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Gold label Coco RHP



Product Name: Gold Label Coco

Gold Label Coco is a high-quality growing medium made from the fibers derived from coconut husks. These fibers undergo a thorough manufacturing process that includes drying and transportation to the European Union, where washing and buffering occur. The entire process is conducted in an environmentally friendly manner and is supervised by the RHP authority to ensure the highest standards of quality, stability, and crop safety.

Key Features:

Certified Quality: Gold Label Coco is certified by RHP and KIWA, signifying its adherence to industry-recognized quality standards.
Salt Removal: The coco fibers are thoroughly washed to eliminate excess and unwanted salts, ensuring a clean and suitable medium for plant growth.
Buffering for Stability: The medium undergoes both primary and secondary buffering processes, promoting stability and optimal pH levels for plant development.
High-Quality Fibers: Gold Label Coco contains some of the best coco fibers available in the market, offering a reliable substrate for plant cultivation.
Usage Guidelines:
Gold Label Coco is designed to provide a high-quality growing medium for a variety of plants. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended usage and care instructions to ensure the best results in your cultivation endeavors.

Gold Label Coco is an excellent choice for growers who value the quality and purity of their growing medium. It is RHP and KIWA certified, signifying its commitment to excellence, and is well-suited for providing plants with a clean, stable, and nutrient-rich environment for optimal growth.


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