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Gold label Special Mix Light



Product Name: Gold Label Special Mix Light

Gold Label Special Mix Light is tailored for growers who prefer to manually introduce nutrients into their cultivation process right from the beginning. It is constructed using the same high-quality Swedish white virgin peat found in the Gold Label Special Mix, but with a reduced quantity of added nutrients. This mix can accommodate the use of both mineral and organic nutrients, providing growers with flexibility.

Gold Label Special Mix Light is ideal for both organic and mineral growers who desire control over their nutrient regimen while still benefiting from the safety buffer offered by the peat substrate. Swedish peat is known for its excellent water-holding capacity, ensuring consistent moisture levels. The reduced amount of organic fertilizer in this mix allows for increased control over nutrient management. Additionally, the blend of perlite and peat enhances aeration, contributing to improved plant growth conditions.

Key Benefits:

Customized Nutrient Control: Suitable for growers who prefer to manually administer their nutrients.
Compatibility: Can be used with both mineral and organic nutrient systems, offering versatility to growers.
Peat Substrate: Features high-quality Swedish virgin peat, renowned for its water-holding capacity and support for plant growth.
Aeration Improvement: The blend of perlite and peat enhances aeration, promoting healthy root development.
Usage Guidelines:
Gold Label Special Mix Light is designed to provide flexibility and nutrient control to growers. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for usage and nutrient addition to achieve optimal results with this growing medium.

Gold Label Special Mix Light is an excellent choice for growers who want control over their nutrient management while still having the benefits of a quality peat substrate. Whether using mineral or organic nutrients, this growing medium offers versatility and the ability to fine-tune the nutrient regimen to meet specific plant needs.


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