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GOLD LABEL Ultra Enzyme



Product Name: Gold Label Ultra Enzyme

Gold Label Ultra Enzyme is a professional-grade, highly concentrated stimulator formulated with natural enzymes. This product is designed to target and break down bacteria, mold, and dead plant matter present in the substrate. By converting these elements into beneficial plant nutrients, it fosters a healthier substrate, creating ideal conditions for larger and stronger plant growth.

Key Benefits:

Highly Concentrated: The formula is potent, requiring only a small amount for effective results.
Enzyme Action: Contains natural enzymes that actively break down harmful substances like bacteria, mold, and dead plant matter in the substrate.
Nutrient Conversion: Converts these undesirable elements into beneficial plant nutrients, enhancing the overall health of the substrate.
Plant Strength: Promotes an environment conducive to robust plant growth, leading to bigger and stronger plants.
Usage Guidelines:
To maximize the benefits of Gold Label Ultra Enzyme, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosing and application instructions. Using the product as directed can help maintain a healthy and nutrient-rich substrate.

Gold Label Ultra Enzyme is an excellent choice for professional growers and those looking to create an optimal growth environment for their plants. It contributes to substrate health, which, in turn, supports the development of larger and stronger plants.

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Ultra Enzyme – 250ml, Ultra Enzyme- 500ml, ? Ultra Enzyme – 1L, Ultra Enzyme – 5L, Ultra Enzyme – 10L


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