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gold label Ultra MG Veg Stimulator



Product Name: Gold Label Ultra MG Veg Stimulator

Gold Label Ultra MG Veg Stimulator is a specialized nitrogen and magnesium additive formulated for use during various plant development stages. This product is meticulously developed to achieve an optimal balance of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and microelements, supporting plant growth during both vegetative and generative phases. It contains high-quality magnesium chelate, which is easily absorbed by plants across a broad pH range.

Key Benefits:

Supports Plant Development: Designed to enhance and promote plant growth during both vegetative and generative stages.
Balanced Nutrition: Provides an ideal balance of NPK and essential microelements to meet the nutritional needs of plants.
Easily Absorbable Magnesium: The high-quality magnesium chelate is readily absorbed by plants, ensuring availability even in varying pH conditions.
Usage Guidelines:
To achieve the best results, follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosing and application instructions for Gold Label Ultra MG Veg Stimulator. This product is intended to support plant development throughout different growth stages.

Gold Label Ultra MG Veg Stimulator is a valuable choice for growers seeking to provide balanced and effective nutrition to plants during their various developmental phases. It promotes healthy growth and development while ensuring that essential nutrients are readily available.

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Ultra MG Veg Stimulator – 500ml, Ultra MG Veg Stimulator – 1L?, Ultra MG Veg Stimulator – 5L, Ultra MG Veg Stimulator – 10L


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