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Grow Gadgets 4 Pin Moisture Meter



Monitor the moisture of your plants like a pro! This incredible little gadget enables cultivators to ensure moisture levels during growth, harvest and curing.

Monitoring the moisture levels of your plants is of paramount importance for your indoor garden.

From the experts at Grow Tools, this awesome moisture meter measures moisture levels of your plants by displaying the moisture percentage so growers can make adjustments to keep your high value plants strong and healthy.

But this clever little tool doesn’t only to monitor water levels during growth. It really shows its value during the all important drying, harvesting and curing process of your grow. No more underfed plants, no more over dry and brittle flowers and defiantly no more mouldy jars. 

With its large LCD digital display screen, 5% to 40% range, ultra fast response and its super cool little carrying case – the Grow Tools Moisture Meter is sure to be an essential part of any professional LED growers tool kit.


  • Large LCD Screen
  • 5% to 40% Range
  • Perfect for LED Growers
  • Date Hold & Value Hold
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Carry Case Included

Never overwater, never over dry and never lose your precious harvests to mould again. Change your growing game with this low priced, high value tool.


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