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Grow Gadgets Greenhouse Heater 3KW



  • Grow Gadgets Greenhouse Heater

    Keep warm wherever with this greenhouse heater. Durable and portable, its fan and thermostat combo consistently heats an entire room.

    Efficient fan and thermostat combo

    The heater uses a thermostat to sense and control the temperature of the surrounding air. Its built-in fan then distributes the heat outwards. This way, it can cover an entire room – no more shivering in the corner!

    Automatic thermal shut-off

    The heater has an automatic thermal cut-out in place to ensure operation is as safe as possible. This feature shuts off the appliance should it become too hot. However, it will continue to operate the fan. Once the temperature decreases, the heater will then restart automatically to maintain a consistent room temperature.

    Growers can work with the peace of mind that the appliance won’t dangerously overheat. However, it should only ever be used under supervision.

    IP24 water resistant

    It’s also water resistant to an IP24 rating, so it will withstand moderate water spray from any direction.

    How to use Grow Gadgets Greenhouse Heater?

    Place the fan on a stable, flat surface and plug in at the mains.

    Use the left dial to select the heat setting. There are three settings: fan only; fan and one element; and fan and two elements.

    Use the right dial to control the thermostat.

    Keep away from furniture, curtains, and flammable objects while in use and never cover it. Be aware that some parts of the appliance can become very hot and could cause burns if touched.

    The Grow Gadgets Greenhouse Heater is not suitable for outdoor use.

    How to clean the Grow Gadgets Greenhouse Heater?

    Turn the heater off at the mains and unplug it before cleaning it in any way.

    Wipe down every so often with a soft, clean sponge. Do not use water near any electrical parts and allow all parts of the appliance to dry completely before reassembling.

    Where to use Grow Gadgets Greenhouse Heater?

    The Grow Gadgets Greenhouse Heater is for indoor use only. It’s ideal for regulating the temperature in growing environments like sheds, grow rooms, and greenhouses.

    Why choose Grow Gadgets Greenhouse Heater?

    • Electric greenhouse heater;
    • Maintains a consistent temperature in the growing environment;
    • Automatic thermal shut-off for safety (overheating protection);
    • IP24 water resistant;
    • Silent operation;
    • For indoor use only.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm


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