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Grow Tools – 2″ Black Duct Tape 48mm X 50m



This adhesive tape is a premium plus grade polythene coated cloth tape with an aggressive high tack adhesive, which means that the tape can be used for many applications in users hydroponic setup including duct sealing and surface protection. This tape can be removed without leaving a residue and tears easily by hand without curling unnecessarily, making it easy to handle and use.

Grow Tools Black Duct Tape is perfect for indoor applications. It can be conformed to take the shape and curves of the surface which it is to be applied to. This tape also works well with corrugated, textured and curved surfaces without compromising strength and long term adhesion but does not leave any residue nor does it damage the material’s surface finish if removed or re-positioned.

Further benefits include high tensile strength and it does not break easily after a long term application. The dual fabric and plastic layer allow the duct tape to last durably yet easy to handle, form, cut and position yet it is thin enough to be stacked and layered together for tough applications.

Grow Tools 2 Inch Black Duct Tape blends well to any background colour and resists fading over time making it ideal for repairs that need a presentable finishing touch.



  • Great value for money
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Tears off easily
  • Consistent strength and adhesive power
  • Durable
  • Dual-fabric plastic
  • Ideal for repairs

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Grow Tools - 2" Black Duct Tape 48mm X 50m



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