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Grow Tools Sticky Zipper



Grow Tools Sticky Zipper 2m

Build and plan out your very own grow space with the Grow Tools Sticky Zipper! It works fantastically with Mylar sheeting and other plastic sheeting to allow you to build your perfect space.


The Grow Tools Sticky Zipper won’t let you down. It is strong and durable and is built for constant use and lots of wear and tear.

It’s a great addition if you want to create a bespoke grow space and need access to a hard to reach area.


Peel off the protective backing and stick them where you need them. Sticky Zippers have a high quality adhesive that will allow them to become a vital part of your grow space.

Easy Access

Do you have a restricted area that’s hard to get to in your grow room? Why not build a partition and build your own doorways with plastic sheeting and Sticky Zippers.

Get the grow space you want and need. Stop the struggle and create a space that is easy for you to get to anywhere.

Easy to Use

It couldn’t be easier to use the Sticky Zipper, just peel off the protective coating to release the adhesive and place it exactly where you need it.

Get your hands on this grow room essential today!


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