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Grow Tools Super Sticky Bug Traps



Grow Tools Super Sticky Bug Traps

Don’t get bugged out by pests invading your grow! Use Grow Tools Super Sticky Bug Traps to make sure you’re enjoying the best of your flowers and fruits!

Stop Breakouts

Stop bug breakouts with this super sticky solution. Relieve the stress of bugs in your blooms and get this absolute essential from Grow Tools.

Immediate Population Reduction

Find the heart of the problem and reduce the population of any bug outbreaks. Keep pests at bay and make your grow the healthiest for your plants.

How To Use Super Sticky Bug Traps

You can use an entire sheet or cut it into sections. From there suspend them from tent poles, branches and/or the top of your pots.

Use them to reduce and remove populations of aphids, sciarid fly, thrips and leaf miner to name but a few of the pests that can plague your plants.

For best results use the bug traps throughout the life of your grow. Replace each sheet after 6-8 weeks.

Why Use Super Sticky Bug Traps

  • Double-sided sticky insect sheets;
  • Puts you in control of any insect outbreak;
  • Reduces pest population;
  • Strong glue coating traps insects;
  • Causes absolutely no harm to plants;
  • Easy installation and suspension, get to the heart of the problem.


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