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IONIC Hydro Bloom

Single part hydro nutrient

Hydroponic feeding could not be easier with IONIC’s revolutionary approach. Normally, liquid nutrients require at least two separate parts to prevent harmful chemical reactions from occuring. IONIC’s Bloom range uses one simple bottle to see plants through the flowering stage. Even the newest growers will see faster blooming and huge, sweet fruits and flowers.

Gentle on growing plants

While its effects are extreme, Hydro Bloom works to actively avoid plant stress and keep workload down for both the garden and the grower. There are no harsh chemicals in this solution – only natural mineral salts.

The formula is made up of chelated minerals for easy absorption; larger minerals can be difficult for plants to fully utilise or they may not even absorb them at all. This also means that there’s minimal product waste.

How to use IONIC Hydro Bloom?

Add 7ml per litre of Hydro Bloom to a pre-filled hydroponic tank and mix well. Use throughout the flowering stage.

For optimum results, use alongside IONIC PK Boost in the final 4 weeks of flowering to prevent the decline of potassium levels during vigorous growth. Do not mix concentrated nutrients; always dilute them to the required strength and add separately to the hydroponic tank.

IONIC nutrients are specially formulated to maintain a stable pH. However, we recommend that growers check EC levels regularly. Levels should be around 2.0 for most grow media, including clay pebbles, and 1.5 for Rockwool.

Why choose IONIC Hydro Bloom?

  • 1-part hydroponic nutrient blend;
  • Stabilised pH to limit plant stress;
  • Provides base nutrients for superior fruiting and flowering;
  • Use throughout the bloom stage;
  • Ideal for beginners;
  • Perfect for use with IONIC PK Boost;
  • 1 litre makes 142 litres of nutrient solution.

Product Specifications:

    • Brand: IONIC

NPK Ratio: 4-5-8

Additional information

Bottle size

1L, 5L


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