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The Gro-Tank GT205 NFT Kit is designed as an entry-level hydroponic system within the GT range, suitable for growing 1 to 3 plants and accommodating either a 250 or 400 watt light source. This self-contained kit includes all the necessary components to start your hydroponic gardening journey:

Included Components:

20-Litre Tank: The system features a 20-liter tank that holds the nutrient solution for your plants.

NFT Top-Tray: The NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) top-tray is the primary platform where your plants will be grown hydroponically.

Silver Corriboard Top-Plate: This top-plate is likely used to provide stability and support to the NFT top-tray.

MJ320 Water Pump and Fittings: The water pump and associated fittings are essential for circulating the nutrient solution through the system, ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nutrients and water.

Spreader Mat: Spreader mats are commonly used in NFT systems to evenly distribute the nutrient solution across the roots of the plants.

pH Down: pH control is crucial in hydroponic systems. pH Down is used to adjust the pH of the nutrient solution to the desired level.

pH Test Kit: The pH test kit allows you to monitor and maintain the appropriate pH level in your hydroponic system.

Key Features:

The GT205 NFT system is designed for simplicity and efficiency, making it suitable for beginners.
NFT is known for being one of the easiest and purest hydroponic techniques, requiring minimal maintenance and a reduced need for growing media.
The system is compact, measuring approximately 70 x 40 x 20cm, making it suitable for smaller growing spaces.
The GT205 is ideal for cultivating a limited number of plants, making it a suitable choice for personal or small-scale hydroponic gardening.
Plants grown in NFT systems often experience rapid growth and exhibit vibrant, healthy foliage.
The Gro-Tank GT205 NFT Kit is an excellent choice for individuals who are new to hydroponics and want to start with a simple, compact system that provides all the essential components for successful plant cultivation. Its ease of use and efficiency make it a great option for small-scale indoor gardening.

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