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Hero 8 Way Contactor Plus Heater



The Hero 8 Way Contactor Plus Heater is an 8 way contactor with two additional dedicated heat sockets.

Built with safety in mind, the Hero8 is ideal for anyone running multiple lights and heaters. It prevents electrical plug fires which can happen when a socket is overloaded. Fuses do not blow at 13 amp, they can sometimes run at over 20 amps which causes them to heat up and set the plug on fire.

With the Hero8 this does not happen, the circuit breakers built into our unit trip well before the fuses get hot saving you from any room fires.

If the system becomes overloaded the circuit breakers will trip before your sockets melt or a power surge trips your mains supply
The Hero 8 Way Contactor Plus Heater has two separate circuit breakers so should one become overloaded and cut out, at least four sockets will remain operational
A timer switch allows automated control of your devices without using separate plug-ins
Sturdy, insulated cables ensure the outer surfaces remain cool
Maximum load: 8 x 600W digital HPS / 4 x 1000W HPS
Heater sockets maximum load: 2500W
Protection class: IP54
Grasslin timer with battery back up


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