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House & Garden – Bat Mix Single Bag



Product Name: House & Garden Bat Special

House & Garden Bat Special is a premium quality soil mix designed for plant cultivation. This soil mix is crafted from a blend of German black peat and Baltic white peat, and it incorporates Perlite and lime. In addition, bat guano is added to the mix to provide extra fertilizer, enhancing the nutrient content and support for your plants.

Key Features:

High-Quality Components: Comprised of top-quality ingredients, including German black peat, Baltic white peat, Perlite, lime, and bat guano.
Nutrient Enhancement: The addition of bat guano boosts the nutrient content, promoting plant growth and development.
Well-Balanced: The mix is carefully formulated to provide an ideal balance of nutrients and physical properties to support plant growth.
Usage Guidelines:
House & Garden Bat Special can be used as a growing medium for a wide range of plants. Follow the recommended usage guidelines and care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure optimal results in your plant cultivation.

House & Garden Bat Special is an excellent choice for those looking to provide their plants with a premium quality soil mix that offers a well-balanced combination of nutrients and physical characteristics to support healthy and robust plant growth.


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