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IONIC Cal-Mag Pro



IONIC Cal-Mag Pro

Plants use large quantities of calcium and magnesium as they grow, which can cause deficiencies if it outruns their nutrient intake.

IONIC Cal-Mag Pro replenishes these important secondary nutrients, strengthening plant structure and solving visual problems such as yellowing and brown spots.

Solves calcium and magnesium deficiencies

At best, slow mid-season growth is inconvenient and may produce smaller yields down the line. At worst, it’s a sign of poor nutrition.

The good news is that growers can implement IONIC Cal-Mag Pro after they spot signs of deficiencies! Its mineral-rich formula repairs pale, yellowing, and weak plants.

Break it down

Even when nutrients are readily available, it can sometimes be difficult for a plant to absorb all it needs. IONIC Cal-Mag is made from plant-available forms of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), nitrogen (N), iron (Fe), amino acids, humic acids, and complex organic plant extracts.

Humic acids break down large nutrients into smaller, more digestible forms – meaning the nutrients already present in the substrate are more easily absorbed, too.


Where to use IONIC Cal-Mag Pro?

Cal-Mag Pro is most effective on gardens that show signs of low calcium and magnesium – however, it may also be used preventatively. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and in any substrate. Any plant that needs Cal-Mag will benefit from its effects!

However, some circumstances make a plant more susceptible to these kinds of deficiencies. Coco can absorb calcium, making it unavailable to plants. You should also monitor your plants’ calcium and magnesium levels when using a PK booster, as high amounts of potassium (K) can “lock out” these important secondary minerals.

When to use IONIC Cal-Mag Pro?

Use preventatively at any time, or after noticing signs of low calcium and magnesium.

How to use IONIC Cal-Mag Pro?

For general use to prevent deficiencies, use Cal-Mag Pro at a dilution of 0.5ml / L. Where plants already show signs of poor nutrition, a stronger ratio of 1ml / L is needed.

Never mix nutrients in their concentrated form – always dilute and fully mix each one separately before adding another.

Why choose IONIC Cal-Mag Pro?

  • Replenishes important calcium and magnesium;
  • Keeps plants fed through growth spurts;
  • May be used preventatively or as a treatment for deficiencies;
  • Easy-to-mix liquid solution;
  • Provides nutrients in plant-accessible forms;
  • Makes existing nutrients more easily digestible;
  • Solves deficiency-related paling, yellowing, and brown spots.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: IONIC

Additional information

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Bottle Size

300ml, 1L, 5L


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