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We know by now that phosphorus and potassium are two of the most essential nutrients for any plant. IONIC PK Boost provides the key ingredients for protein synthesis, movement of air and water, and successful root growth – all in one bottle.

Delivers essential nutrients

The IONIC Bloom range has the perfect amount of primary nutrients to sustain strong plants through the flowering stage. However, vigorously growing hydroponic plants will sometimes use far more phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) than usual, and levels of these essential nutrients can decline quickly even with the recommended amount. Growers might see a scorched or curled appearance or purple colouring in leaves.

This is where PK Boost comes in: it provides an extra supply of phosphorus and potassium to support fast-growing plants in any climate.

Larger fruits and flowers

By supplying the core nutrients, the IONIC range allows plants to focus on more than just survival. Plants gain the strength to produce larger, higher-quality fruits and flowers in the same amount of time.

Greater pH control

IONIC’s precise manufacturing process means that all of their products maintain a highly stable pH. The macroelements in IONIC liquid nutrients are partially buffered, which means they are far less likely to fluctuate in acidity levels.

This pH stability limits additional plant stress, as well as making the process easier for growers. There’s far less measuring, far less need for pH Up and Down solutions, and fewer plant side effects such as spotting on leaves.

How to use IONIC PK Boost?

Shake bottle before use.

Add 1ml of IONIC PK Boost per litre of water to a pre-filled hydroponic tank and mix well. Apply every week during flowering.

Increase to twice weekly, and strengthen to 2ml per litre, in the final three weeks of your plant’s life cycle.

Why choose IONIC PK Boost?.

  • One part PK booster;
  • Supplies essential phosphorus and potassium to plants;
  • Made with mineral salts;
  • Suitable for beginner growers.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: IONIC
  • NPK Ratio: 0 – 5 – 6

Additional information


300ML, 1L, 5L


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