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IONIC Soil Grow



IONIC Soil Grow

IONIC’s gentle, 1-part nutrients couldn’t be easier for beginners to use. This expert blend thrives in soil, producing resilient plants with lush vegetation. IONIC products contain gentle mineral salts instead of harsh chemicals and help substrates to maintain a highly stable pH.

Promotes strong vegetation

IONIC’s range now includes separate nutrient mixes for the vegetative and flowering periods. Each is chosen carefully for its growth stage. This is a high-quality NPK fertiliser that keeps plants nourished through rapid growth, helping them form a strong, thick structure and lush canopies.

Designed for soil

Soil is perfect for small spaces and is said to better retain flavour in fruits, flowers, and herbs. What’s more, it’s packed with existing nutrients.

IONIC Soil Grow contains chelating agents which bond to nutrients in the ground and break them into smaller pieces that a plant can absorb. As nutrient uptake increases, growers will see a healthier, greener appearance in stems and leaves.

How to use IONIC Soil Grow?

Use 5ml of Soil Grow per litre of water and mix well. Water throughout the vegetative stage and into the first week of flowering.

All IONIC nutrients are designed to keep pH levels stable for optimum plant health and ease of growing. However, you should continue to monitor EC: we recommend a level of 1.5.

For best results, replace with IONIC Soil Bloom throughout the flowering stage.

Why choose IONIC Soil Grow?

  • 1-part liquid nutrient;
  • Developed for the vegetative stage;
  • Made with mineral salts;
  • Helps to keep environment pH stable;
  • Easy-to-use formula.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: IONIC
  • NPK Ratio: 2.2 – 1.4 – 2.6

Additional information

Weight N/A
Bottle Size

1L, 5L


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