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IWS Dripper Standard



The IWS Dripper System utilises the already successful technology of the IWS Flood & Drain system but uses drippers as its main delivery of nutrients to the plant.

The minute timer supplied with this system has been specially designed to run the large pumps used in dripper technology and special stands are supplied for the dripper assemblies. All the pots can be connected to the main controller, which will pump away all your waste nutrients to a desired location out of your growing area.

The IWS Dripper System uses the leading dripper technology from DIG which allows 12 flood drippers to run from one location instead of having drippers running all over your grow area.

The dripper system is a very flexible and reliable systems tried and tested for many years by our customers. We have made it easier to set up and use by retailing the systems in kit form.

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IWS Dripper – 4 Pot STD – Small Stands, IWS Dripper – 8 Pot STD – Small Stands, IWS Dripper – 12 Pot STD – Small Stands, IWS Dripper – 16 Pot STD – Small Stands, IWS Dripper – 20 Pot STD – Small Stands, IWS Dripper – 24 Pot STD – Small Stands


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