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Luxx Diamond Mylar Sheeting



Luxx Diamond Mylar Sheeting

Diamonds are a grower’s best friend. This studded Mylar sheeting provides up to 97% reflection and reduces the cost of lighting equipment.

Maximises light efficiency

Diamonds sparkle because of their shape – they’re covered in facets which individually reflect light.

Luxx has applied this theory to the grow room and created sheeting covered with tiny diamond-shaped studs.

Each one bounces light and scatters it in all directions, making the space immediately brighter and more efficient. It’s a sure-fire way to drive down the costs of lighting equipment.

Affordable, portable solution

Set up an efficient growing space anywhere with this affordable alternative to a grow tent. The light, durable roll can be stored away when not in use and cut to size to perfectly suit the growing area.


How to use Luxx Diamond Mylar Sheeting?

The sheeting comes in a roll so that growers can cut it to their desired size.

Fix to ceilings, walls, or floors to increase light reflection within a grow space.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 60 cm

20m x 125mu, 30m x 125mu, 50m x 125mu, 100m x 125mu


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