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Mdf Contactors WITH Timers



Represent the best on the market

Are your customers looking to control light cycles with precision? If so, then look no further.

We stock the complete range of high-quality Omega Contactors, which we believe represent the best on the market. These powerful grow room relay contactors are made from high-quality components and assembled in the UK. The contactors are assembled from premium parts, meaning they are reliable and have been trusted in the hydroponic industry for years.


Powerful grow room contactors

Omega Contactors are specifically designed for customers who are seeking powerful control, reassurance and reliability within their growing environment. The brand offers a full range of professional heavy duty contactor units, designed and manufactured to assist in controlling HID lighting.

Efficient and reliable

Omega timer and relay contactors allow the user to efficiently and reliably control their grow room lighting system. This indoor growing relay contactor features rubber moulder plugs, as well as switchable sockets and hanging brackets for ease of installation.

Omega timers are available in 2, 4, 6, and 8-way versions and only use quality components in their manufacturing.


Product Specifications:

  • Minimal heat sync;
  • Rubberised moulded plugs;
  • Professional agricultural-grade timers;
  • Handy hanging bracket;
  • Switchable sockets;

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 61 × 44 cm
Plug specification

6 Way + 4 Aux, 12 Way + 2 Aux, 16 Way + 2 Aux, 16 Way + 4 Aux + 1 Heater, 24 Way + 4 Aux, MDF Timer 24 Way Plus 8 Aux Plus MCB, MDF Timer 20 Way Plus 4 Aux +1 Heater, MDF Contactor 26 Way + 2 Aux


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