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MegaPot Mega Valve



What is the MegaPot Mega Valve?
The MegaPot Valve is a durable accessory which is designed to allow the grower to have full control over the flow of specific chemicals to and from their crops.
Made from a durable plastic, this valve was built to last. Giving the user an option to allow freeflow of nutrients and water, or even stop this means you can really hone in on what your plants need to make them healthy. Connectable to a variety of pipework, this is really one product in which you need to include.
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At MegaPot our system has been designed with hydroponic growers in mind. Our revolutionary system that is produced in the UK allows our customers to enhance yields and which allows you to produce bigger crops.
The products in which we source and stock for our customers are all utilised to help you continue to grow healthy and nourished crops. Our partner stockists include some of the industries best brands, therefore allowing us to guarantee quality. Also with our hydroponic system not using soil we can guarantee an easy to manage plating system and growing phase.
For more information on our latest products, or for more information on our revolutionary hydroponic system please feel free to
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