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Monkey Nutrients 600ML – Root Shoot



What are Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot?
Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot are a natural plants root nutrition that is essential for enhancing and accelerating the plants roots growth and the ability to increase crop yields, quality and flavour. It is developed and made in the UK by UK growers after testing every other plant nutrition in the market and choosing the best quality ingredients to stand out from the competition.
What is the use of Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot?
Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot is a 100% natural product derived from unique plant extracts. They are rich in phytohormones such as Cytokinin to promote faster cell growth. With its combination of stimulants and vitamins, it provides the perfect boost for rapid root production and maximizes nutrient uptake. Its key ingredients are arctic sea kelp, Multivitamins, Molasses and Humic and Fulvic acids. These ingredients provide the plants with all the nutrients it needs to rapidly-produce a strong and healthy root system to fight diseases and to increase the nutrients uptake.
How do Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot work?
Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot contain arctic sea kelp which grows in the harshest environments, this stimulates the production of a high concentration of growth hormones such as Cytokinin, Giberrelins and auxins. Fulvic and Humic acids help increase the roots absorption of the nutrients from the nutrient solution, this, in turn, accelerates the roots growth and production pace. B vitamin helps boost the metabolism in the plants as well as providing protection and structure for the root cells.
Why would I need Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot?
Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot has a remarkable effect on the plants roots rapid growth and nutrient increased uptake. In addition to this, it activates beneficial bacteria which enhances the plants roots health and defense against pathogens and diseases. Its vitamins promote stress resistance and overall strength.
Description and components:
Contains B1 and B5 Vitamins.
Contains molasses.
100% natural from plants extracts.
Increase fine root hairs.
Made and developed in the UK
To be used with any irrigation system
How to use Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot?
Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.
Ø week 1 week 2 >> 2ml/10 litre
Ø week 3 week 5 of flowering >> 3ml/10 litre
The flagship Monkey product, designed and developed in the UK for over two years, this is our Monkey masterpiece.
Using only the finest plant extracted ingredients, Monkey has created a root stimulator that not only rapidly develops the root mass, but also increases fine root hairs, improves lateral root growth and accelerates the development of new roots throughout the plants life cycle.
These plant extracts provide secondary benefits alongside the amazing root development. They also act as a plant health enhancer due to the number of minerals and vitamins found in the extracts.
We may be Monkey Nutrients, but we certainly dont monkey about when we make these phenomenal products. Used at 3ml per 10 litres, this highly concentrated root stimulator will ensure you wont need huge bottles throughout your plants life cycle.
So if you want big trees to swing from, you need big Monkey roots!


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