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Omega Kettle Lead With UK Plug



Omega Kettle Lead with UK Plug

Provide mains connection to a ballast or reflector with this UK kettle lead.

Perfect as a replacement or spare, this lead has a standard 3-pin United Kingdom mains plug on one end, and a female IEC socket on the other.

How to use Omega Kettle Lead?

Attach the female end of the connector to the male socket of a ballast or reflector. Once the equipment is in place, plug in the mains cable and turn on at the wall.

Please note that this lead should never be used to provide mains directly to a HPS or MH lamp. These require connection to an appropriate ballast. Plugging any high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp may cause fire, explosion, or electric shock.

Why choose Omega Kettle Lead?

  • Kettle lead: female IEC to mains;
  • Standard 3-pin UK mains head;
  • Provides mains electricity connection to electrical appliances;
  • Compatible with standard ballasts and reflectors;
  • Can be used as a replacement or spare.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Omega

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 10 cm


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