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Origin Dripper Manifolds are a crucial component of the Origin Drip Irrigation Systems, which are known for their fuss-free, high-yielding, and drip-feed approach to plant care. Here’s a breakdown of how these systems work and their benefits:

How Origin Drip Irrigation Systems Work:
Origin employs a timer-based mechanism to drip nutrient solution directly into the tops of the pots within the system. This process is repeated at consistent intervals throughout the day, ensuring that plants receive a steady and controlled supply of water and nutrients.

An essential feature of this system is its ability to collect any runoff water and channel it back into the reservoir. This prevents waterlogged roots and contributes to a healthier root zone. During the feeding cycle, the pump oxygenates the nutrient solution, further promoting plant well-being.

The Origin reservoir comes in various sizes, ranging from 30 to 180 liters, depending on the chosen system size. This ample capacity reduces the need for daily plant maintenance, allowing growers to focus on other aspects of plant care.

Benefits of the Origin System:

Increased Yields: The automated watering process ensures that plants receive the perfect balance of water and nutrients, leading to improved oxygen intake and healthier, higher-yielding plants.

User-Friendly: Setting up an Origin system is quick and straightforward, taking approximately 30 minutes. It is renowned as one of the easiest systems to set up and operate.

Low Maintenance: Once configured, the system requires minimal intervention. Simply set the timer, and the plants will receive consistent drip feeding, promoting their well-being.

Flexibility: The Origin system accommodates a range of setups, offering pot sizes of 6L, 11L, 18L, and 25L, suitable for 4 to 20 plants. It is compatible with various growing media, including soil, clay pebbles, mixed media, stonewool, and coco slabs.

Quality: Origin units are hand-finished, individually inspected, and constructed primarily from recycled plastics. They are known for their durability and longevity, proudly manufactured in the UK.

Grower Tips:

Use House & Garden Drip Clean: Employing a cleaning product like Drip Clean can help prevent dripper blockages, ensuring a smooth nutrient delivery process.
Select the Correct Dripper: Match the dripper type to your growing medium; blue flood drippers are suitable for clay pebbles, while black arrow drippers are ideal for soil, coco, mixed media, and grow cubes.
Proper Mixing: After changing the nutrient solution, open the tap on the system and manually run the pump for a few minutes. This ensures thorough mixing of the nutrient solution for even distribution.
In summary, Origin Drip Irrigation Systems offer an efficient, user-friendly, and highly customizable approach to plant care, resulting in healthier plants and increased yields. These systems are designed for ease of use and are known for their quality and durability.

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16mm x 4 Way Dripper Manifold, 16mm x 5 Way Dripper Manifold, Premium Vega Square Pot – 6L, Premium Vega Square Pot – 11L, Premium Vega Square Pot – 18L, Premium Vega Square Pot – 25L


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