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Prepare for exceptional growth, massive yields, and robust root systems with the Oxypot hydroponic system. The 19L Oxypot, measuring 34 x 34 x 38 (W x L x H) cm, is a game-changer in plant cultivation, offering unmatched benefits that enthusiasts everywhere are raving about.

Key Features and How It Works:

Extreme Rooting & Growth: Plants thrive in a mesh pot filled with clay pebbles. Their roots extend through the mesh pot, directly into a nutrient-rich solution teeming with oxygen. This constant access to nutrients and oxygen fuels their growth.

Deep Water Culture Diagram: Oxypot employs a Deep Water Culture (DWC) system, which is well-known for its ability to accelerate nutrient uptake and plant growth.

Big, Healthy Roots: Unrestricted by growing media, roots flourish with abundant oxygen. High oxygen levels also deter the development of root diseases, ensuring optimal root health.

Maximum Growing Space: Oxypots are square-shaped, providing ample room for root expansion, allowing plants to maximize nutrient uptake and growth potential.

Nutrient Level Indicator: An indicator pipe, safeguarded in a groove, helps you monitor nutrient levels without interruption.

Leak-Resistant Design: Oxypots are built to resist cracks and feature secure connections, ensuring a leak-free growing environment.

Contamination-Free: Each pot holds its nutrient solution independently, preventing the spread of potential problems among plants.

Low Media Waste: The only growing media required is clay pebbles, minimizing waste.

Airstone, Air Pump & Air Pipe Included: The kit includes essential components such as an airstone, air pump, and air pipe, ensuring your plants receive the oxygen they need for vigorous growth.

What You Get:

Single Oxypot Kit:

1 x Oxypot Growing System (Base, Lid, Net Pot, Accessory Pack)
1 x Budget Air Pump (Single Outlet – 1.6 Litres/minute)
1 x 50mm Blue Golf Ball Air Stone + 2m of Air Line
Four Oxypot Kit:

4 x Oxypot Growing Systems
1 x Budget Air Pump (4 Outlet – 4 x 2.5 Litres/minute)
4 x 50mm Golf Ball Air Stones + 8m of Air Line
Eight Oxypot Kit:

8 x Oxypot Growing Systems
2 x Budget Air Pumps (4 Outlet – 4 x 2.5 Litres/minute)
8 x 50mm Golf Ball Air Stones + 16m of Air Line
Top Tip: Maintain a sterile system with Silver Bullet Roots, which effectively eliminates 99.99% of root diseases and remains active in your tank for up to 5 weeks. If you’re already using Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switching to Silver Bullet Roots can save you 55% while ensuring a healthy, disease-free root zone.

The Oxypot hydroponic system is your pathway to explosive plant growth, abundant yields, and vigorous root systems. Experience the incredible benefits of this system and elevate your cultivation game to the next level.

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Oxypot Single Complete, Oxypot XL Complete, Oxypot 4 Complete, Oxypot V6 Complete, Oxypot V9 Complete


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