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Philips Master Green Power CGT – 600 Watt (Dual Spectrum Lamp) (240v)


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Philips Greenpower 600W 240V HPS Lamp
A high quality, horticulture specific 600W 240V HPS lamp from Philips. These are the highest output lamp brand on the market.


How to use
This is the Philips version of a full spectrum/dual spectrum lamp with a some added blue spectrum so it can be used in the vegetative stage as well as the flowering stage.

The Philips brand is a little bit more money, but in our opinion well worth the extra money as it does give you a little more light output. Use no more than 3 cycles.

We would always recommend to use a Metal Halide lamp in the vegetative stage for a compact plant, moving over to a HPS lamp around 10 days into the flowering cycle.

  • 600W
  • 240V
  • E40 fitting
  • Very high output
  • Full spectrum lamp


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