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Plant Magic – Ignition Boost



Product Name: Plant Magic – Boost

Plant Magic – Boost is designed to unleash the explosive flowering potential of plants and prepare them for the production of high yields. It achieves this by delivering essential bio stimulants and growth hormones during the initial stages of the bloom phase. This early stimulation of growth significantly accelerates the development of flowers, ultimately contributing to the potential for substantial yields.

Key Benefits:

Explosive Flowering: Promotes the rapid and vigorous development of flowers in the early stages of the bloom phase.
Yield Enhancement: By boosting plant growth during this critical period, it sets the stage for the potential production of larger yields later on.
Usage Guidelines:
Plant Magic – Boost is typically applied during the early stages of the flowering phase to maximize its impact on flower development. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results.

By incorporating Plant Magic – Boost into your plant care regimen, you can harness the full flowering potential of your plants and set the stage for abundant yields.

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Plant Magic – Ignition Boost – 1L, Plant Magic – Ignition Boost – 5L, Plant Magic – Ignition Boost – 10L


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