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Plant Magic Media – Coco Supreme 50L



Product Name: Plant Magic – Coco Supreme

Plant Magic – Coco Supreme is a natural growing medium that is specifically designed to deliver high yields while promoting excellent plant health and performance. Additionally, it is formulated to enhance the taste and aroma of fruiting crops. The manufacturer places a strong emphasis on quality control, ensuring that Coco Supreme is developed and packaged according to the industry’s highest standards.

One notable feature of Coco Supreme is that it does not undergo heat treatment, preserving its natural characteristics. The presence of the beneficial fungus Trichoderma remains intact, contributing to the health of fruiting crops. The medium goes through a specialized buffering and rinsing process, fine-tuning it for outstanding plant vigor, high yields, and overall plant health. This process makes the medium more responsive to Plant Magic Coco A&B nutrients, leading to better predictability and faster crop development.

Key Benefits:

High Yields: Designed to promote high yields in fruiting crops.
Plant Health: Enhances plant health and performance.
Aroma and Taste: Improves the taste and aroma of harvested fruits.
Quality Control: Developed and packaged with a focus on quality and industry standards.
Natural Fungus: Preserves the presence of beneficial Trichoderma.
Usage Guidelines:
Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for usage and care to ensure optimal results when using Plant Magic – Coco Supreme as your growing medium.

Plant Magic – Coco Supreme is an ideal choice for growers looking to maximize their crop yields while also enhancing the overall health, taste, and aroma of fruiting plants. The medium’s natural characteristics, quality control, and responsiveness to specific nutrients make it a reliable option for growers.


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