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Plant Magic Media – Soil Supreme 50L



Product Name: Plant Magic – Soil Supreme

Plant Magic – Soil Supreme is a specialized blend of growing medium that combines Sphagnum Peat, Fytocell Foam, and a unique Organic Growth Stimulant. This carefully crafted mixture results in a superior growing medium that consistently produces excellent results for plant cultivation.

The special blend in Soil Supreme creates an ideal environment for root growth, facilitating quicker root development and improving the uptake of essential nutrients and elements. The benefits of using Soil Supreme are substantial, including larger, better-tasting fruits, increased yields, and more vibrant flowers with enhanced color and aroma.

The Organic Growth Stimulant in Soil Supreme is derived from prehistoric plants and animal remains that have naturally decomposed over millions of years. This growth stimulant not only enhances the quality, flavors, and aromas of flowers but also leads to increased yields, especially for those growing fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it serves as a valuable food source for beneficial fungi and microorganisms, further enhancing soil health.

To ensure optimal performance of Soil Supreme, it is important to water regularly and maintain adequate drainage to prevent water saturation. This growing medium is designed to simplify the process of growing strong, healthy, and robust plants.

Key Benefits:

Superior Growing Medium: Offers a high-quality growing medium for plant cultivation.
Enhanced Root Growth: Facilitates quicker root development and improved nutrient uptake.
Improved Results: Yields bigger, better-tasting fruits and more colorful, aromatic flowers.
Organic Growth Stimulant: Contains an organic growth stimulant derived from prehistoric plant and animal remains.
Beneficial for Soil Health: Acts as a food source for beneficial fungi and microorganisms.
Usage Guidelines:
Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for usage and maintenance to ensure the best results when using Plant Magic – Soil Supreme as your growing medium.

Plant Magic – Soil Supreme is an excellent choice for growers seeking a top-quality growing medium that supports robust plant growth, larger yields, and enhanced flavors and aromas in their crops. The unique blend and organic growth stimulant contribute to healthy and productive plants.


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