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Plant Magic – PK 13/14



Plant Magic – PK 13/14

Plant Magic – PK 13/14 is formulated to provide the ideal ratio of additional phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to support prolific flowering when used as a supplement with Plant Magic’s mineral feeds. This balanced ratio of essential nutrients is designed to enhance the flowering stage of plants and promote the development of large, flavorful yields without the risk of nutrient shock.

Key Benefits:

Flowering Enhancement: The added phosphorous and potassium in PK 13/14 specifically cater to the demands of the flowering phase, encouraging prolific flowering and fruiting.
Yield Quality: By supplying the correct ratio of these vital nutrients, it aids in the production of substantial yields with enhanced taste and quality.
Nutrient Compatibility: PK 13/14 is designed to work seamlessly with other Plant Magic mineral feeds, ensuring a harmonious nutrient balance.
Usage Guidelines:
When incorporating Plant Magic – PK 13/14 into your plant feeding regimen, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper dosing and application to maximize its flowering-boosting benefits.

By adding Plant Magic – PK 13/14 to your nutrient regimen, you can support a bountiful harvest of high-quality yields while avoiding the risk of nutrient imbalances and shocks.

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Plant Magic – PK 13/14 – 1L, Plant Magic – PK 13/14 – 5L, Plant Magic – PK 13/14 – 10L


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